Communilife Forum

At Communilife we believe in a safe and friendly environment for all of our members enjoyment. We believe it is important for people to feel comfortable and confident in being able to communicate with others and put their points across without ridicule or abuse.

We believe that all peoples opinions are important and work to create a safe place for people to put them across

We are not a political or religious sounding ground, and we are not here to simply complain, there are other places for that.

Our moderators will encourage good good conversation and debate as well as promoting local business members goods and services and local events.

Our moderators will remove posts that are offensive or contain unacceptable language. We also have a number of filters in place to avoid common profanity and other verbal abuse or insensitive wording.

If someone posts something that is not accepted within our community policies then we will communicate with them about this. We also ban repeat and persistent offenders for period of time or for the duration of their membership.

We are all here to enjoy Communilife and we hope that our members will respect others’ opinions and will enter in good quality communications with each other.