Property Sales Coming Soon!

As part of the Communilife commitment to making our members lives that bit easier we will providing a free housing platform and sales process for all to use. We believe that the sales process does not need to be as complicated and as expensive as it currently is and as such we are developing the industry stand out platform for the benefit of our members. This works for residential and commercial property sales so all can benefit. We will also support further interest in your property by incorporating house sales into our e-magazine, our paper magazine and of course our own house selling platform. Our magazine coverage includes a magazine readership of 235,000 along with our e-magazine being made available in flight to 28,000,000 air passengers as well as 2,000,000 business hotel users.

Watch out for offers from our partner solicitor companies so that you can benefit from more discounts or offers to help keep costs down and the same applies to trades people, house moving companies, surveyors and a whole host of other services that could benefit our customers from the Communilife discounted directory.